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April 8, 2022

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Tag: #SummerMusicMix #HotSummer #DeepHouse

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0. Nando Fortunato - We Wanna change (Original Mix)
1. Marc Philippe - You Love Tonight (Paul Lock Remix)
2. Housenick - No One (Costa Mee Remix)
3. Paul Lock - Night Into Day (Chunkee Remix)
4. Nando Fortunato - Important Story (Costa Mee Remix)
5. Nando Fortunato - Baby Come To (Costa Mee Remix)
6. Costa Mee, Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Stay With (Paul Lock Remix)
7. Pete Bellis _ Tommy - We Was Loving You (Original Mix)
8. Housenick - Take Away (Chunkee Remix)
9. Paul Lock - Give It Up (Costa Mee Remix)
10. Costa Mee, Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Rise Up (Nando Fortunato Remix)
11. Housenick - Take Hand (Paul Lock Remix)
12. Marc Philippe - Broken Mess (Original Mix)
13. GeoM - Bleeding In Love (Nando Fortunato Remix)
14. GeoM - Back To You (Paul Lock Remix)
15. Pete Bellis _ Tommy - Treat Right (Original Mix)

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